Thursday, November 1, 2012

Veterans Day Literacy and Craft Unit

This year is just flying by.  I can't believe it's November already.  I have a quick post tonight.  I'm so excited to share my newest unit.  It includes a craft for all 5 branches of the military.  You can find it HERE or click the pictures below.  My kids have been so excited looking at the samples on the board.  They keep asking..."When are we going to make our soldiers?"  We live near an Air Force Base so several of my students have parents in the miltary.  My little ones who don't have parents serving, know someone who has and they want to make one for that family member.  

Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, and Air Force

They are so easy to make.  Just cut construction paper to fit in the copy machine and use the black line masters to copy.  The children can personalize their own by drawing the face and writing their name on the pocket .  Each soldier is standing at attention.

Have the students make an additional head and hat, attach to a paint stick and you have a fun craft to take to any Veterans Day Program or Sing A Long at your school. 

The unit also includes more activities
Writing pages that go along with each military person. 
I Am Proud to be an American writing page.
Stationary to write to our veterans.
Noun and Verb Sort with recording sheet.
The History of the Poppy
Poem commemorating the Poppy
A Veteran is... Bubble Map
A Veterans is... Cut and Paste
Thanks for looking.  Have a great night.

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