Sunday, December 30, 2012

Counting our Blessings.

I didn't have to think hard about this one.  Now doing it is another thing.  I'm linking up with Amy at Step Into Second Grade.  Today's post is about downtime in the new year.  Downtime? Really?  This is what I think I should do with downtime... clean my house, paint walls, comment more on blogs, work on all of the unfinished TPT projects sitting on my jump drive, document all of the data for my little firsties .  Now for the things I like to do....

Many of the days in the pictures are spent on days off from school.  Who has down time during the school year?  With a teenager in high school, a 5th grader with tons of homework, and a hubby who owns his own business, our evenings are very full.  However, with our parents getting older, a recent health scare with my dad, a dear friend's husband surviving a major accident we are MAKING time in our busy days to enjoy all of the people in our life.  The power of prayer gave us happy news with my dad and more prayers continue help our friend improve everyday.   We are truly blessed and enjoy every minute of our crazy life. 
I hope you take the time to enjoy the downtime in your life.  As teachers we pack so much into a day (can you say multitasking) that we forget about our own families.   Our families are the reason we are able to be such dedicated teachers.  Take time to tell them how much they mean to you.   Blessings.

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