Monday, March 4, 2013

Make A Ten Math Strategy

OK today I felt a little old,  well really a lot old.  Many years ago I saved these little guys after taking pictures the old fashioned way.  You remember these right?  The containers from film cartridges.  I asked my littles if they knew what film was...they looked at me like I was crazy.  I explained what film was and that YEARS ago you couldn't actually see a picture after you take it.  Cue the chirping crickets.  They can't even imagine it. 

 I use these to hold my red and yellow counters.  It holds about 20 which is perfect for the Make a Ten strategy we practice.  This math strategy is such a hard concept for the littles.  Just when you think they understand it, we are back to square one all over again.  They can use counters and move them around to make ten like nobody's business, but transfer it to a test and this teacher wants to scream.  HELP!!!
The Make a Ten strategy is shown below. 

We started out with 8 + 4.  Then the next step is to move counters from the bottom ten frame to MAKE TEN. 

Two counters are taken from the bottom and moved up to the top ten frame, making a ten.  This is shown as 10 + 2. 

How do you teach the Make A Ten strategy?  Would love to hear any ideas you can share.



  1. I never thought of using a film canister, what an awesome idea! One idea for a test since they may not have those 10 frames, have them draw a ten frame for each problem if they need too. That should eliminate that problem until they can memorize those facts.

    Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

  2. I use film canisters to store things too. My kiddos have no idea what they are either! :)


  3. That is a very good idea! Im using the same strategy but instead of using counters, im using aquarium pebbles.