Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doubles and Doubles Plus 1

Today we did a quick lesson/review of our Doubles and Doubles Plus One or as we call them Near Doubles.  We have practiced and practiced our Doubles Facts all year.  My little kiddos seem to have finally had their light bulb moment with Near Doubles.  Hallelujah!  Today we used a half sheet of newsprint folded hotdog, hamburger, hamburger style. Eight total squares.  I modeled the first two then gave them their doubles facts and off they went.  Even my "little strugglers" were off and running and did a fabulous job.    It was such an easy lesson but a great formative assessment for me. 

My modeling of Doubles and Near Doubles

Finished product

After walking around the room and checking everyone's paper I told them to give themselves a star.  This little guy got so excited he said "Look, I gave myself a bunch of stars".  Woo Hoo!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Laminating Sheets--Great Buy!

I love finding great deals and more importantly sharing those deals with you. 

Like everyone else out there I laminate all of my centers on my own little laminator.  I bought my laminator at Staples when they were having a great sale.  But the laminating sheets however, are another story.  They can be so expensive in the smaller packs. 

I have been using these sheets from Sams Club and I LOVE them.  3 Mil, 200 sheets per box and only 20.85 a box.   I've went through 2 boxes this year. 
OH MY.  But my little kiddos have loved all of their centers and I love the durability of the 3 Mil laminating.  The school laminating is so much thinner and our machine has gotten so old it bubbles and peels.  If you are a Sams Club member or have a friend who can take you...look for these.  Happy shopping!

Sam's Club Laminating Sheets

Sunday, February 5, 2012

President's Day Unit

I have finally posted my President's Day Unit.  You can find it here on TPT or here on Teacher's Notebook.  Only $4.00.

It includes the following:

 1.President's Day Doubles and Near Doubles Sort
(reinforces the transition between vertical
and horizontal number sentences)
2.Stars and Stripes Less Than and Greater Than
3.Lincoln's Least to Greatest
4.Making History Ten Frame Partner Game

5.Games of Past and Present Social Studies Sort
(includes venn diagrams for a boy or a girl)
6.Inferences about George Washington
Inferences about Abraham Lincoln
7.George Washington Hard G - Soft G Sort
8.Abraham Lincoln Facts and Opinions

Each activity has a recording sheet. 

I was so proud of myself after printing, laminating, and cutting out the entire unit ready for President's Day.  Then I realized I haven't prepared anything for Valentine's Day. The life of a teacher.  Always busy. Never a dull moment. 
Never enough time in the day.  

 I've already let me little kiddos play the ten frame game.  One of my little boys went to D.C. over Christmas break and came back with a George Washington hat.  When he saw the game on teacher table he asked if he could play.  He thought he was all that and a bag of chips playing a George Washington game and wearing his hat.   So cute.
Have a great week.