Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talking Turkey and a Cyber Sale!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone.  I wanted to share some of the activities we did in class on Tuesday.  I have enjoyed 5 glorious days off with perfect weather.  We didn't have the big feast in our class but we did enjoy some pumpkin pie.  I have many little ones with allergies this year so some passed on the pie and went straight for the whipped cream!

For those of you who shop at Publix.  In the background is the Publix Pilgrim Activity page I got at our local Publix years ago when they visited our store.  Love those chubby Pilgrims.  
Our school improvement plan is focusing on using more informational text in our classrooms.  So we read this little ol book about turkeys. 
Lots of information and the kiddos loved it.  We made an anchor chart with all of the new info we learned.  They were also very impressed with my version of a turkey. Let me say I am NOT an artist.  I leave that to my son and hubby.  But I have to say I was very proud of myself.  When I texted my husband a picture of the little guy, he asked what kind of "cobra" turkey is that?...hence the face and neck on my turkey.  He later said he was pretty proud of my new found artistic ability.
Then we made these cute little gobblers from kindergartenmonkeybusiness.blogspot

Finally, I'm having a sale. All of my items will be 20% this Monday and Tuesday.  Plus TPT is adding an additional 10% off.  Click on the picture below to take you to my store.  Don't forget to use the promo code cmt12.  Have a great week back.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Made It Monday and a Behavior Chart Freebie

Finally I'm participating in Made It Monday from 4th Grade Frolics.  I had been looking for a mailbox for my classroom.  They were a little pricey so I continued to make my own center  folders for my kids.  One of our teachers was cleaning out her room and decided to give away this little gem.

My first thought was Eeww yuck, but it was free so I wasn't complaining.  Then after going home and remembering that my daughter had an enourmous amount of duck tape in her room, I got an idea. I chose a color and after 30 minutes I have this.

Not too bad, right?  After looking on the back I realized this mailbox has been handed down a few times at our school.  It had several teachers' names on the back.  They just didn't see the potential.  I added numbers to clips and attached them to each slot.  My kids each have a number so they know where to put their work.  I just love it. 

I have also attached the behavior chart I use in my classroom.  I use the clip chart where the students can move up and down the chart, but some of my little ones still need a daily reminder note home to keep them on track.  I just add a smile, straight, or unhappy face to the bottom of the "eyes".  It's quick and easy especially when trying to get them out the door at the end of the day. If they get an unhappy face I write a comment so that my parents can talk with them about it.   Click on it HERE.  Have a great night.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Early Quiet Morning

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families affected by the hurricane. I have been through many.  Some we rode out and some we didn't.  Either way the days after are horrendous.  We decided to take an early morning walk on the beach now that things are calmer in our area.  We headed a little south and these are a few pictures I took.

My kiddos enjoying the waves

This little guy was the first thing we came across.

Hatched Sea Turtle Eggs.

This crazy person flying above us

Beautiful Waves

The Inlet

Erica Bohrer has posted a hurricane unit where all of the proceeds go toward her hometown that was hit by the hurricane.  You can take a look here.   Wishing a quick recovery to the northeast. 
Take Care Everybody.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Veterans Day Literacy and Craft Unit

This year is just flying by.  I can't believe it's November already.  I have a quick post tonight.  I'm so excited to share my newest unit.  It includes a craft for all 5 branches of the military.  You can find it HERE or click the pictures below.  My kids have been so excited looking at the samples on the board.  They keep asking..."When are we going to make our soldiers?"  We live near an Air Force Base so several of my students have parents in the miltary.  My little ones who don't have parents serving, know someone who has and they want to make one for that family member.  

Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, and Air Force

They are so easy to make.  Just cut construction paper to fit in the copy machine and use the black line masters to copy.  The children can personalize their own by drawing the face and writing their name on the pocket .  Each soldier is standing at attention.

Have the students make an additional head and hat, attach to a paint stick and you have a fun craft to take to any Veterans Day Program or Sing A Long at your school. 

The unit also includes more activities
Writing pages that go along with each military person. 
I Am Proud to be an American writing page.
Stationary to write to our veterans.
Noun and Verb Sort with recording sheet.
The History of the Poppy
Poem commemorating the Poppy
A Veteran is... Bubble Map
A Veterans is... Cut and Paste
Thanks for looking.  Have a great night.