Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Project Finished

I wish I could say I finished this project in my first week off, but  this was done a while ago.  I just haven't posted the photo.  I was inspired by Cara's wall in her new house.  I just loved it and I had the perfect wall for it. 

I purchased everything at Hobby Lobby.  Love that store.  The best part of this project was that my husband and I were able to accomplish all of the measuring, hammering, and placement of pictures happily.  Ha!  You know exactly what I mean.  I love him dearly but when home projects happen,  it can bring out the worst in couples. 

That Family sign was about an inch off and I knew it would DRIVE me
Ka-razy....but he sweetly took it down re-measured and hung it again.  The rest of the frames were cake after that.   The wall color is Ralph Lauren Crab Apple.  We used Behr paint mixed at Home Depot.    I hope it inspires you to find a wall and decorate this summer. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here.  Well actually my last day was Thursday but I went in on Friday to do a lot of organizing and throwing away.  I am doing more and more of that every year.  Unfortunately,  I am never the teacher who is packed up and ready to leave the day of post planning.   I like to dust, scrub and cover everything in plastic so that the dust doesn't settle again by August. 

So my summer bucket list has already started.  First I organized my closet.  I threw out all of the shoe boxes that filled the floor and it looks like this:

2. I plan on making lots of these for my own sweet kiddos:

3.  We won't be traveling to any far away places but will stay close to home and visit Sea World's new Antarctica exhibit.  Love that Florida teachers get a free pass and the Florida Fun Card makes it affordable for our whole family.
4.  Then I plan on using my mani-pedi gift certificate from one of my little cherubs.   I love these two color from OPI....Barefoot in Barcelona and Lucky Lucky Lavender.

I know my summer may not sound exciting but I'm so thrilled to just be home and enjoying my quiet cup of coffee at 8ish in the morning instead of 6 AM.  The biggest plus is being at home with my own part of summer.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale

I love a great sale! My entire store will be 20% off.   I have a bunch of clipart on my wishlist.  I can't wait to start creating new units.  Thank you to Krista for her adorable sale button. 

If you haven't seen my latest item.  It's my Word Family Sentence Scramble.  The reviews have been so positive. It includes 49 word families.  The download preview has a freebie attached.
Another fun unit that has been selling well on TPT is my Space Adventures in Literacy and Math with included Space Shuttle Craftivity

Have fun filling your shopping cart.  Happy Shopping.