Monday, April 16, 2012

A Teacher's Dream

I was fortunate enough to receive this amazing pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I had read so many positive things on several blogs about this quiet little thing and I knew I had to try it.  We were having so many problems with lead falling out of our pencils.  I really thought it was the pencils until I read others were having the same problems using electric sharpeners.  My kids were so excited because we were all so frustrated with leads falling out.   Then it arrived!

When the kids saw it they gathered around the table bringing me pencils from all over the room.  I guess my love of office supplies has rubbed off!!  So the pencil sharpening began... I was in AWE!  Look at the point on this guy.  AMAZING!!!!  Even better the leads DO NOT fall out.  It's so sharp and it lasts so long. 

When my daughter arrived in my classroom after school she sharpened this entire tub in less than 10 minutes. 

I wasn't so sure about a "crank" style sharpener since my original antique crank literally takes the muscle power of the Incredible Hulk to get a semi sharp pencil.   My entire team was so impressed we ordered one for each 1st grade teacher.  Our fourth grade team was at recess one day and I told my daughter's teacher I had a pack of pencils for her, ready for FCAT.  I had my daughter go inside and bring out my little blue baby.  You should have seen all of these teachers huddled around the bench taking turns sharpening pencils.   Too funny.    Try it.  You will love it.   Classroom Friendly Supplies


  1. Okay that's it! I've heard way to many teachers bragging about this pencil sharpener. I must have one! I was worried if I wanted to go back to the old crank style...but it sounds like it's not a problem.

    First Grade Delight

  2. I promise you will love it. The crank style worried me a little, but it is amazing. My husband draws a lot and he wants one for the house!

  3. It is the best sharpener. I had a parent bring me one from China about 9 or 10 YEARS ago. I still have it and it still works! It is the same as what is offered on Classroom Friendly Supplies. When I found that CFS was selling them I showed my principal and she is ordering one for every teacher!