Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fun Summer Finds and Bloglovin

Hey friends.  I have been out doing some window shopping at a few of my favorite stores.  I haven't purchased anything yet...I usually wait until July.  In our county we usually get a little bit of money to use on our classroom called Florida Lead Money.  We have to keep receipts to verify what we have bought but are allowed to use any purchases we make over the summer (after July 1st).  I hate the wait because I am so afraid the items I want will be gone but I am getting better at self control, HA!
These are a few of the cute items, I want to go back for:

Beach Chairs from Walmart $4.97  How cute are these for a reading center?

Solar Lights from the Dollar Tree.  I would love to have
one on every table.  They have an on/off switch.  They
recharge in fluorescent, incandescent or sun light.
The overhead lights need to be off for them to light
up.  I know the little ones will want them on all day
so maybe a small piece of paper could cover the solar
panel when classroom lights are on.

Display at the Dollar Tree....they were going fast.

Target Summer Buckets Display (middle shelf).  Great to use for Big Books.

Plastic Beach Basket...Another Big Book Holder from Target. $5.99

 This sweet little girl isn't for sale.  Meet CoCo...she got a new
red harness and I just had to show her off.  LOVE this dog.
I'll have to do a post about her one day, such a doll.

Last but not least, I have to talk about Bloglovin.  This has me a little worried.  I hope I have everything in place that needs to be done.  I have "claimed" my blog by using the tutorial I found on I Teach What's Your Superpower.  I also transferred over all of the blogs I follow from Google Connect.  Megan has another tutorial on that as well.  Ellizabeth at Kickin It in Kindergarten also has a nice little tutorial about claiming your blog.  Good Luck with the change.

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  1. Hi Tammy!
    Great to find you! Where in Florida are you?? Don't forget to start up your Rafflecopter!! Love all your "finds"!
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